Wednesday, 16 April 2014

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So I paid a visit to D'Arsy Thompson Zoological museum. They didn't have what I was originally looking for, but I decided that since I was there I might as well take a few reference photos. The lighting wasn't GREAT, but I was still hesitant to use flash... In the end I whopped my ISO upto about 3200... That SEEMED to do the trick.
As I say, you can totally get a glimpse of me with my camera reflected in the glass. However, it was the best I could get, and I'm still sure it'll make decent enough reference.
Frog skeleton

And exploded!

Flaky chimp.

And I never realised just how big a crocodile skull was. Foolish, I know, because it would stand to reason they'd be large, but I've never actually been up close to one, so I wouldn't know....

I really love the insect illustrations in this book! I just felt unhappy that  I couldn't touch it. I wanted to touch it!

Picked iguana! Yum. In all seriousness, I find the position of pickled animals somewhat captivating- so peaceful, and yet so morbid! It's the kind of pseudo foetal position that really gets to me- I wonder what their last thoughts are.

I'm just glad I had enough camera battery; I meant to charge it last night, but forgot! I had a 30 minute charge this morning, as I got ready to go.

A little bit of albatross head.

A sea pen! I want to write with one of these. It would be so cool if someone crocheted one to go on the end of a pen. I would love them forever.

This makes me sadface. :-( Still cool.

This is one of the most ironic uses of Comic Sans ever.

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