Sunday, 29 September 2013

I went to football yesterday.

Anyone that really knows me will know that I can't stand football, less the people on the sidelines hurling abuse at the opposing team. But I'm (note the present tense) there to take photographs. It started out as a way to make money (I don't mean to brag, but I am pretty handy with a lens), and turned into a mild, morbid fascination (I sound slightly creepy here, I know); see, I like muscles, and anatomy- god knows we all need endless practise drawing them. As with any other athlete's bodies, it's interesting the way they move and react, the way they get injured and injure (it can be pretty violent, as you're no doubt aware). There are so many ways in which toned muscle can move.

There are things that drift away, like our endless numbered days

So I'm not even half way through illustrating this book, and I have a terrible cold (not just normal colds, I get those a lot, but something that actually feels like it's developing into the flu); I think my hamster has it too,  we went to the vet the other day and got him some antibiotics. I submitted a vlog entry about it. I aim to vlog more in the future (assuming I have stuff to vlog about, and not just rant into the camera) My voice is all stuffy in this (been downing my annual pints of Lemsip). Don't worry, I used alcohol rub before handling him (I'm not that daft). 

In other meaningless bloginess, I've been listening to this song over and over again, thanks to a certain episode of House (this flu-cold thing is getting to me, I spent the last 10 minutes of the episode in tears)...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

This is the way to do it.

Sometimes we all just have to be a little bit lazy, and, well, why stand up? Why be like other hamsters, when other hamsters sleep in their own poo? (Well, you do that too. But why add to the list?)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Musicians of Bremen- Donkey.

So I'm working on rewriting and illustrating the Musicians of Bremen for a final year degree project, and only have three weeks to go until the deadline! I'm screaming on the inside (no, really). I am having quite a bit of fun- it always feels like the final year of any any learning program is always the best, probably because it's more free, and that's how I like to be. I've never liked being given restrictions, which is just something that I've had to learn to deal with. Anyway, I'm wittering on, kudos to you if you're still actually reading this!