Sunday, 30 August 2015

New Home

So someone was asking me at Granny Would Be Proud yesterday if I have 'moving home' cards- which sounds a teenie weenie bit niche, but I thought that, for the sake of having something that I hadn't thought of before I'd add it to my collection. However, the likelihood of me carrying it is very small, as I do need to make money and I don't think that I'd sell many.
With that being said, here's a 'moving home' card :-)

Sunday, 23 August 2015


So I finished another greetings card- yay! I just have a few more designs to go, and then I'll be just about ready to get the catalogue sent off to retailers- and not a moment too soon. I've also been trying to get part time work at a gallery, but we'll just see how that goes. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to make more sales at market stalls- I had to take a bit of a break this week, as I couldn't find any free spaces, but next week I'll be at Granny Would Be Proud again, and then Merchant Square the week after that, so fingers crossed, and hope that all goes to plan and people buy my stuff.

I have ALSO been trying my hand at political cartooning and blogging (fingers crossed for that) 
Here's a cartoon on the Labour leadership race, I still need to do lots of work on these, but the amazing Chris Riddell gave me a couple of pointers to improve. And you can read my political blog right here, if you're interested. If not, ignore it.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I also recieved a sample of my fox and squirrel wildlife scarf

Excitement! But I have to see whether people want to buy them before ordering, which is tricky, as I'm ordering a few here and there, the retail price has to be expensive to make up for the wholesale, but I hope that people like them enough to pay a little more. I really love the free sample that was sent to me, and a bonus is that it's printed in Yorkshire, whereas a lot of the cheaper scarves out there aren't even printed in the UK. If anyone's interested, they can order one here, or if they find me at a stall, there's a chance I might have one for sale there.

So I'm designing some more cards for the cat club

And maybe to sell at my own stall too. Here's a Christmas card I'm in the middle of fiddling around with. I like it when I can make bright red cards, and I feel that I have a reason to do so, although it's a little bit early to be feeling festive...

Monday, 17 August 2015

Cheesy biscuits

So, this week's Illustration Friday is 'heart', I will make some more work regarding this, but here are some greetings cards from my ' Cheesy Biscuits' collection that I'm working on :-) incidentally, you can now get the 'I have Felines For you' card here, on my Etsy

I love how 'heart' can be interpreted in so many ways.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Illustration Friday on a Wednesday

Just a quickie, because I realised that I hadn't done one on a while! The Statue of Liberty for the theme 'pointy', I initially thought of teeth (a shark, crocodile etc.), but I guessed that would be what everyone was doing, and I really miss New York! We never had the chance to go up the statue, but I did want to.

 Right now I'm working on my shop, and then I'd really love to try and get some jobs illustrating political cartoons- money is too tight right now! Luke and I are attending a Corbyn rally on Friday, so I'm HOPING to get some sneaky pictures of Jeremy for reference!

So I updated my shop

Just a little. You can see it here. Fortunately the old URL still links back to the same shop, which is very handy (I handed out a fair few coupons in Stirling), although I can't change the name of it again. I also have some digital prints available, such as the one below. I've got another stall this week, on the Sunday at Granny Would Be Proud, Hillhead book club on the West End of Glasgow- here's hoping I do better than Stirling!

Monday, 10 August 2015

So went to a craft fair

To sell some of my designed goods including cards, tea towels, mugs and cushions (amongst other things), I didn't do nearly as well as I'd hoped, considering the price that was being charged for the tables, but I got mine on a free trial, so apart from being a bit disappointed, I can't complain much. The people around me seemed lovely, and I had my friend there helping me for the weekend (in exchange for some fabric that I designed) to natter to. Despite only taking in half as much as the table itself would have cost me for the whole weekend, lots of people said that my table looked pretty (so that's something!) and I did give out a few cards, so I'm hoping for some Etsy sales (fingers crossed).

 The experience also reaffirmed my belief that people are funny. I made a 'Sunny Scotland' themed tote bag with a highland cow wearing sunglasses, and rain coming out of the word 'Scotland', I  got a fair few giggles (I should have charged for those *grumble*) but also some people who didn't get it and told me that I was 'deluded', or just made grumbly disgusted noises as they read it out- irony people!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

So I finally got some more stock for my shop

 It's here :-)
I was a little worried that it wouldn't arrive in time, and then I'd have jury duty... but I didn't have to do that afterall...
And now (HOPEFULLY) I will have my first ever fair in Stirling on Saturday, where I hope to sell this stuff :-)