Sunday, 23 August 2015


So I finished another greetings card- yay! I just have a few more designs to go, and then I'll be just about ready to get the catalogue sent off to retailers- and not a moment too soon. I've also been trying to get part time work at a gallery, but we'll just see how that goes. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to make more sales at market stalls- I had to take a bit of a break this week, as I couldn't find any free spaces, but next week I'll be at Granny Would Be Proud again, and then Merchant Square the week after that, so fingers crossed, and hope that all goes to plan and people buy my stuff.

I have ALSO been trying my hand at political cartooning and blogging (fingers crossed for that) 
Here's a cartoon on the Labour leadership race, I still need to do lots of work on these, but the amazing Chris Riddell gave me a couple of pointers to improve. And you can read my political blog right here, if you're interested. If not, ignore it.

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