Friday, 23 January 2015

Illustration Friday on a FRIDAY!

I came up  with an idea and I'm submitting it on an actually Friday- horrah!

The theme for this week is 'passion', seeing as my passion is illustration and design I thought I'd theme it around that.

Hats in Cats

Here are some cats in hats. I thought that I might make a pattern out of this. Also, hopefully I'll manage to finish an illustration Friday on a FRIDAY this week. I have the line art done in my sketchbook, I just need to scan it, colour it in and upload.

 I had a pretty shoddy day today, resulting in me planning on not using Tesco as much as I used to. It's weird how bad customer care makes you rethink the ethics of using what was voted as the worst, but is also the largest supermarket in the UK.
Anyway, I won't waffle too much. Have a nice weekend!

Friday, 16 January 2015


I am currently working on some more promotional scotties to accompany the one below. I love drawing them and then inking and pencilling them in (besides the amount of patience it takes) is pretty fun!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

I'm creating some greetings cards

I want to try and get some images licensed, and whilst I get there's a small chance- it's still a chance! Afterall, freelancing is about chances, right? I'm also working on some cat themed valentines' cards. Here's a sneaky peak:

It's taking a fair bit longer than I would have hoped- but I'd like to think that I'm developing a perfectionist streak. However, it DOES mean that I'm rarely happy with the stuff I've done. I'm hoping to have these rounded off soon though, as I really need to get to work on my picture book, because we have a long awaited crit a week from tomorrow!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Owl kitty

A little bit old, but I've just got round to scanning this. I really need to draw more owl kitty! Maybe tomorrow when I have a more productive day.

Illustration Friday

This week's topic- invention. And I've drawn a bunny with a carrot puller.