Monday, 30 November 2015

Memories of men

So it's been a while, blog! However, I've been very very busy with my part time job, and trying to sort my personal workload out. My grandfather was very ill, and, as he's 92 (no spring chicken any more) a lot of people thought that after over 30 years of heart problems this might be the end. However, my grandfather, being the resilient old man he is proved them wrong. Again.

 But it did get me thinking- there's so much about my own grandfather I don't know, and I got my mother to look through his scrap books (and he's kept a lot of them over the years).
We found many things (too many to go over in a quick blog post), but here's my grandparents' wedding announcement, right here in the New York Times. They got married in Toronto in 1953.

There were also many pictures of my great grandfather, Graham Seton Hutchison looking cheery. As well as many pictures of letters that he'd written to other well-known people at the time, such as Churchill and David Lloyd George.

There were also a lot of pictures of my grandfather growing up, which I will cover in a later blogpost- I have a project going.
Good night!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Moomin Playing the Violin

So I made a painting of my ragdoll cat, Moomin, playing the violin. It's now sold, but I think that I might do myself a little series of (maybe ragdoll) cats playing classical instruments. My friend and I were thinking of putting together a little exhibition of cats, so we'll see!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

So I made some christmas cards

For this year. A bit of a random selection, but I'm going for the 'Cheesy Biscuit' theme and style- they're avaliable from my Etsy and on my stall (this week in Royal Exchange Square- I'm hoping that the weather holds up).

Monday, 2 November 2015

Merchant Square

Just a quick blog (editing all these photos took long enough, and I foolishly had no time for it!) I've just had another weekend at Merchant Square, which is a fantastic venue that could REALLY do with some more footfall (and I think that writing a quick blog about it is going to help?) As well as the market, you also have some fantastic restaurants- I went to Arisaig a few weeks ago for supper with my boyfriend's parents (the soup is AMAZING), and Bar Square (which does awesome chips)- I'm sure that the others are great too. I've emailed these pictures to the marketing department, who I am really really HOPING will post them to their Facebook, as not everyone has Facebook, and it would be great if other people got exposure too, and a more full picture of the market was painted. But ANYWAY, there are all kinds of vendors, I have most of them here, but there are new people almost all the time, so PLEASE pop around and check it out!