Monday, 24 November 2014

Another Illustration Friday on a Monday!

Well... I started this on Sunday. I need to try and complete an IF on an actual Friday.

The topic is SLOW, and my interpretation is based on the tortoise and the hare. TORTOISE- on a side note, I detest people who get tortoises and 'turtles' mixed up, when the difference is EASY- seriously! I consider myself to be on the whole (with a few exceptions) a pacifist, but when people mix up turtles with tortoises (as one ex flatmate would frequently do) it rustles my jimmies! Anyway, I'm not crazy, I'm just having a Monday morning rant!
I hope you like my illustration :-)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Party Dogs!

A self directed promotional project stemming off my scottie with a balloon. I imagined cute little pooches having a party, each with something to represent it. I have a few more doodles and ideas, but these are the dogs that I chose to fully render. Tomorrow I will make them into a little A5 booklet to send off to some magazines in the hopes that I get lucky and they like them! Wish me luck!

I have the scottie design in greetings cards here: