Monday, 10 August 2015

So went to a craft fair

To sell some of my designed goods including cards, tea towels, mugs and cushions (amongst other things), I didn't do nearly as well as I'd hoped, considering the price that was being charged for the tables, but I got mine on a free trial, so apart from being a bit disappointed, I can't complain much. The people around me seemed lovely, and I had my friend there helping me for the weekend (in exchange for some fabric that I designed) to natter to. Despite only taking in half as much as the table itself would have cost me for the whole weekend, lots of people said that my table looked pretty (so that's something!) and I did give out a few cards, so I'm hoping for some Etsy sales (fingers crossed).

 The experience also reaffirmed my belief that people are funny. I made a 'Sunny Scotland' themed tote bag with a highland cow wearing sunglasses, and rain coming out of the word 'Scotland', I  got a fair few giggles (I should have charged for those *grumble*) but also some people who didn't get it and told me that I was 'deluded', or just made grumbly disgusted noises as they read it out- irony people!

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