Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dundee Cat Show

So I went to a cat show today, which was great fun!
Everyone seemed so friendly, and I got up close to breeds that I'd never seen in real life before!
Like this Maine Coon! I held him and he was HUGE, and not even fully mature yet! He is conveniently covering my face, so you shall never see it! 

 They actually show house cats, and not just pedigrees, which I didn't know.

I love this guy's hair, and how it curls around under his body!
I also met this little guy. He was tired, and didn't want to be stroked, but he was beautiful none the less, and let me take some pictures of him!
Look at his beautiful eyes!

This one looked a little bit grumpy! 

You would be too, if you had to watch people stare at you all day!

I love the colourings on this guy!

Hello there!

I'm hoping to draw some of these guys tomorrow!

This little girl is a Maine Coon kitten, and actually bigger than my adult moggie, Gwendolyn.

This little kitten is a Ragdoll- that's the breed that Luke and I are getting in September! I can't wait!

British Shorthair, I do believe!

This guy's name is Danny! So cute! The same as my ex, but more smilie :-) From what I learned, Danny is a fairly new breed of cat, the Asian.

Such big blue eyes!

This guy was super grumpy, and didn't seem to want his picture taken.

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