Sunday, 29 July 2018

The earth

Throughout the past few weeks we've been experiencing a devastating heat wave in the United Kingdom and across Europe. Climate change is very real, and caused by humans- in part we are living longer, generally more resource intensive lives, but another huge factor that doesn't get nearly enough air-time, due to its taboo nature is human overpopulation. Alarm bells start to ring- nobody likes to be told that their choices could be considered in any way unethical, or harmful to the very people that they choose to bring into the world- but I find this question impossible to ignore. I come from a large Catholic family (23 cousins!) I love them dearly, but what's done is done, and we have to look forward to the future and consider our impact on the earth- not using so much plastic, consuming less meat, not taking a transatlantic holiday every year, and choosing to have a small family.

In this image, a new born infant is covered with the same cracks that the earth is, and is crying out for it.

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