Wednesday, 22 July 2015

When life rains

So it's been raining a lot lately... although I guess that's what you should come to expect when you live in the northern region of a tiny island notorious for it's weather. I'd been wanting to do this for a while, really, but I finally got around to it when I realised that I needed another postcard for my stall in Stirling in August. It's just a little thought that I've been doodling for a while.

 Growing up in various regions of this little island, I came to  find it a sensible idea to always take an umbrella with me, just in case. Because even if it looks sunny, and the skies seem clear, you never can tell what lies ahead. I felt like it was an appropriate metaphor for life too- if you always have it in your mind that (although you hope for the best) things could go horribly wrong, I don't think you'll be as upset when they do, and pleasantly surprised when they don't. I guess that I just have an optimistic pessimistic view on life, but I feel like it serves me well, I'll just have to keep all my fingers and toes crossed that my stall experiences are mostly pleasant ones!

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