Monday, 20 July 2015

Two for Joy Greetings Card

So this is one of three magpie cards that I'm designing. I want to complete it with "three for a girl",  and "four for a boy" as 'expecting'/ 'new baby' cards, although I guess this one could be for anything. I had myself a little debate with my boyfriend who, APPARENTLY, hadn't heard of the superstition before he met me, and so, said that 'they wouldn't get it up here' because 'it's an English thing' tufffffft.

Well, he's WRONG because just about every Scottish person that I've asked has told me, not only that they'd heard of it, but that it's very common up here too. So I win another one.

 Although this is just about done, I am still considering making the eyes a tad lighter to show up against those black feathers.

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