Monday, 18 April 2016

Sewing up my purses

So I've been making up some more purses from my fabric- this one's a foxy one. I still need to work on the speed of my production, as they're taking about 40 minutes to machine sew, and then a further hour or two to sew the frame onto the body (this does make them extra sturdy though, as opposed to using glue). I'm also struggling with actually SELLING the things, although people do say that they like them, so I'm hoping to start shifting some soon. If anyone's interested, I'm selling them here as well as at events that I go to (the next one will be Granny Would Be Proud at the Hillhead bookclub).
Oh, and there's a Prince's Trust event that I'll be going to soon- I HOPE to get some interest from that. Fingers crossed!

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